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  • Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets (8-Pack)
  • Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets (8-Pack)
  • Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets (8-Pack)
  • Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets (8-Pack)

Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets (8-Pack)

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Safe for all front and top load, conventional, and high-efficiency (he) washing machines our Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets will keep your machine and laundry better and brighter. Made with the highest-quality and gentlest-on-the-environment ingredients to ensure that your appliance and clothes always stay fresh and clean! Available in retail boxes and minimalist e-commerce shippers. You're doing the environment a favor every time you buy PrimeHousehold washing machine cleaner. Safe for septic tanks.

One and Done! Unlike many alternative products, it takes just one PrimeHousehold washing machine cleaner front loader XL tablet to get the job done. Our XL tablets penetrate deep to break up the sticky, odor-causing grime and residue that build up in any machine when too much or the wrong type of detergent is used. PrimeHousehold tablet cleaner for washing machine dissolves slowly, lasting throughout the entire wash cycle. Use once a month to keep your machine fresh and clean.

Our washing machine cleaner top loader XL tablets extend the life of your machine by regularly cleaning key components. PrimeHousehold odor-eliminating washer machine tub cleaner tablets are individually-wrapped for your family's protection. Just remove the wrapper, toss one XL tablet in and you're ready to go -- your spouse, friends, pets and the environment will all thank you for it!

Suggested Usage: 

  1. Remove clothing from the washer. 
  2. Remove wrapper and place 1 tablet into washer tub (not in the dispenser.) 
  3. Select and run a 'Normal' or 'Clean Washer' cycle with hot water. 
  4. Remove any residue which may be left behind. Use once a month for consistently clean laundry and machine. 

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Washing Machine Cleaner
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