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  • Rosehip Oil Carrier Oil
  • Rosehip Oil Carrier Oil
  • Rosehip Oil Carrier Oil
  • Rosehip Oil Carrier Oil
  • Rosehip Oil Carrier Oil

Rosehip Oil Carrier Oil

Rosa canina   CO-ROSEH-1
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Rosehip Oil is a sensitive carrier oil for delicate skin, especially on the face. This premium product comes from the pressed seeds and "hips" of the wild rose bush via natural cold extraction. It is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that can hydrate both dry and itchy skin, and can reduce the appearance of scars, spots, blemishes, and fine lines on your face. It is a versatile carrier oil used to dilute, disperse and aid the absorption of more potent essential oils

Unlike heavier oils commonly used for facial application, Rosehip oil absorbs into the skin efficiently and easily. It supports the calming and soothing of irritated skin, and helps to decrease environmental damage. The essential fatty acids in Rosehip Oil benefit scalp and hair. It is particularly high in vitamin C, making it one of the richest plant sources for your health.

Choose it to promote skin hydration and to counteract sensitivities. As a natural source of the antioxidant lycopene, Rosehip oil improves the texture of skin and protects against premature aging. It has a shorter shelf-life than some carrier oils, so be sure to be considerate about the amount to purchase, and check it occasionally for rancidity. It contains beta-carotene to reduce the appearance of skin aging by eliminating free-radical damage.