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  • Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano Essential Oil

Origanum vulgare   S-OREGA-15
  • Diffuse to release feelings of confusion & stress
  • Use topically to soothe muscles after exercise
  • Mist over linens before bed for deeper relaxation
  • Use on skin to ease feelings of itching & irritation
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The savory, herbal pungency of pure Oregano essential oil has a balanced and bracing scent that is truly unique among essential oils. This foundational aroma strengthens and calms the spirit while encouraging overall well-being in aromatherapy applications. Combine it in a complementary blend (Cedarwood essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, Lemon essential oil) for a delicious and balanced experience.

Use Oregano essential oil for feelings of immunity support. Diffuse during winter months to purify stale indoor air. Add a drop or two to your hand sanitizer and lotion for an extra layer of protection. Add to your dishwasher and laundry for feelings of protection when seasonal bugs are bouncing around the house.

Oregano essential oil is especially helpful to promote healthy monthly cycles. Use it in an aromatherapy blend for feelings of balance on moody days. Massage a blended dilution of sweet Orange essential oil and pure Oregano essential oil into the abdomen for feelings of relief from occasional cramping and bloating. A dab of Oregano essential oil mixed with Peppermint essential oil can reduce body odor and give feelings of fresh, balanced energy.

How to Use
  • Use in a blend with bergamot essential oil, lavender essential oil, or orange essential oil to release feelings of confusion or stress.
  • Dilute and use topically to soothe muscles after vigorous exercise.
  • Mist over linens before bed to ease into a good night’s sleep and to relax more deeply all night long.
Aroma: Herbal, Medicinal, Spicy, Warm,
Aroma Strength: Strong
Aroma Note: Middle
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Country of Origin: Hungary
Other Common Names: Greek Oregano, Wild Marjoram

Reference our usage icons and directions, found on our website and on each bottle, for further guidance.

If using this oil topically, please be sure to utilize a carrier oil with proper dilution for your specific situation.

Please contact your health practitioner for more information regarding specific usage instructions.