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  • Nurturing Air Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Nurturing Air Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Nurturing Air Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Nurturing Air Essential Oil Diffuser

Nurturing Air Essential Oil Diffuser

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Get effortless, long-lasting, and personal access to your essential oil collection with this elegant and hard-working diffuser -- especially designed for the home. Use it to fill any space with the powerful benefits of pure essential oil aromatherapy. With a clean design and work-horse function, it is at home in any room. Create an atmosphere of calm energy, focused attention, easy relaxation, or natural health.

This sleek unit produces copious fine mist to purify and moisten the air around you. Rely on it to freshen the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living room. Tackle every problem ... from the funky smells coming out of your teenager’s closet to calming the mood after a stressful day using power sourced directly from nature.

The generous water reservoir means that this diffuser can produce aromatherapy mist for hours without attention or effort. Use the intermittent setting for more subtle production. Try it overnight for better rest, or all day to freshen and strengthen yourself during the day. Use our targeted blends, or easily customize your self-care routine by combining your favorite essential oil singles into personal blends … Rosemary with Bergamot or Blue Tansy and Lime … the possibilities are limitless.