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  • Magnesium Sleep Spray: Naturally Infused with 100% Pure Bulgarian Lavender

Magnesium Sleep Spray: Naturally Infused with 100% Pure Bulgarian Lavender

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Get better balance for your mind and body with our Magnesium Body Spray, a convenient delivery system to give you access and exposure to the vital minerals your body needs to stay happy, balanced, efficient and healthy. Enjoy a healthier physical system, a stronger mind, and easier access to the natural resources your body needs for ultimate resilience and health.

  • Absorb necessary but hard-to-get magnesium paired with 100% pure Bulgarian Lavender oil for improved sleep and better internal balance
  • Enjoy the aromatherapy benefits and daily stress management for effective natural relief
  • Simple and effective ingredients to benefit skin, muscles, mood, and multiple body systems
  • Easy-to-use spray for effortless access to key minerals and an aromatherapy boost
  • Contains 100% pure therapeutic-quality oil from completely natural sources

Ingredients: Water, Magnesium, Lavender Essential Oil, Polysorbate (Emulsifier)

Benefits of Magnesium: The benefits of natural magnesium include better system balance, smoother feeling skin, resilient muscles and better balance for multiple body systems. As a bonus, we’ve infused this effective mineral solution with best-quality organic Bulgarian Lavender essential oils for a sweet and floral embrace that carries complimentary aromatherapy benefits … better relaxation, stress relief, improved rest and sweet feelings of emotional balance.

How to Use: Use the spray on clean, dry skin. Spritz lightly and gently massage for best penetration. Apply to feet, neck, shoulders, or feel free to target problem areas as necessary. Let spray absorb for at least 20 minutes before rinsing, or consider using before bed and leaving on overnight for deep-penetrating effects. Apply on a regular basis or as needed.


Aroma: Floral, Herbal, Slightly Sweet, Sweet,
Country of Origin: Bulgaria