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  • Limited Edition Yogi Kit by Real Oil
  • Limited Edition Yogi Kit by Real Oil
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Limited Edition Yogi Kit by Real Oil

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  • Nourish yourself with three essential oil blends that promote natural focus, minimize feelings of stress, lift your mood, and warm muscles and joints. Soothe and treat your muscles with the remarkable power of Deep Relief Silver Rub.
  • Kit includes: A custom-designed essential oil carrying case, two Yoga blends (ready-to-apply and full-strength), two Awaken blends (ready-to-apply and full-strength), Re-align blend (ready-to-apply), and Deep Relief Silver Rub.
  • Yoga essential oil blend is designed to re-energize, release stress, and focus body and brain whether you are posing in Warrior One or simply setting out as a weekend warrior with your family.
  • Rise and shine with the lifting scent of Awaken, a stimulating and motivating essential oil blend. Get any task rolling with optimism and energy using this powerful natural product.
  • Use Re-Align essential oil blend to get a firm hand on daily stress to support core and back muscles and healthy posture.
  • Allow your sore body to feel the benefits of 100% pure essential oils combined with the antimicrobial properties of Colloidal Silver Biotics from our powerful Deep Relief Silver Rub.
  • Contains 100% pure, undiluted, therapeutic-quality essential oil at full strength with no added ingredients.
  • Blends offered neat (undiluted) or in a ready-to-apply roll-on bottle diluted with fractionated coconut oil.
  • Sourced from the best farms and fields around the globe. Refined and and quality tested in North America.

Find a natural Namaste with the centering and soothing power of the Real Oil Yogi Kit, a balanced collection of pure essential oils designed to boost, soothe, and energize body and mind.

Bring good Karma into your home with our Yoga essential oil blend, crafted to melt away tension, boost awareness, and help you to connect to the world. The delicious combination of Sweet Orange, delicate Ylang Ylang, refreshing Clary Sage, and grounding Sandalwood energizes, calms stress, and promotes feelings of focus. Massage it into wrists, rub into the soles of your feet, and spread across your neck and shoulder to release tension and to feel deep and effective relief from everyday pressure.

Pick up your pace with Awaken essential oil blend, a bracing mix of bright citrus and pure mint, carefully crafted to keep you on your toes and ready for action. Sourced from premium botanicals, this stimulating blend has the correct balance of natural constituents so you can be ready to carpe every diem. Get natural lift and a refreshed perspective with this sweet and citrusy scent.

Support your whole body system with the nurturing power of Re-Align Ready-to-Apply essential oil blend. This woody, rich, and sweet mix contains effective Blue Tansy and other pure and effective essential oils. Use it after a long day at work, or just before bedtime to ease yourself into a more restful state. Or better yet, use throughout the day to help it go more smoothly.

Deep Relief Silver Rub is a remarkable combination of essential oils and Silver Biotics for sore muscles, joints and limbs. This rich cream is infused with 100% pure therapeutic-quality essential oils combined with Silver Biotics proprietary antimicrobial and antifungal Nano Silver Technology. Massage into the body for deep relief. Use before, during and after workouts so you perform at your best. Naturally soothes the deepest muscle and joint aches in an instant.

  • Add a few drops of Yoga blend to a diffuser and mist during exercise, meditation, study, or whenever you need focus and intention for daily tasks. Lightly rub over limbs and joints before exercise to warm and loosen. Our pre-diluted roll-on is perfect to bring to the gym for immediate muscle and joint support.
  • Add a few drops of Awaken blend to a diffuser and mist anytime you need a boost of energy for your day. Use topically to boost concentration and productivity at work, or create a motivating mist to get your family out of bed and on their feet before school.
  • Use Re-Align ready-to-apply blend to soothe feelings of achiness and to calm and focus thoughts and mood. Rub onto hands, cup over mouth, and breathe for an intense and targeted boost. Use as a massage oil and work into shoulders and neck before bed for a better night's sleep. Carry during long trips in the car or on a plane to apply to back and spine and support posture relief.
  • Deep Relief Silver Rub soothes the deepest muscle and joint aches. Use before, during and after workouts to boost your performance to peak level. Massage into the body for deep relief from feelings of soreness, tightness, overuse, and fatigue.

Reference our usage icons and directions, found on our website and on each bottle, for further guidance.

If using this oil topically, please be sure to utilize a carrier oil with proper dilution for your specific situation.

Please contact your health practitioner for more information regarding specific usage instructions.