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  • Jojoba Oil Carrier Oil
  • Jojoba Oil Carrier Oil

Jojoba Oil Carrier Oil

Simmondsia chinensis  
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Jojoba Oil comes from the seed of a shrub of the same name, native to the Southwestern US and northern Mexico. The oil is composed almost entirely of long-chain fatty acids, giving it an extreme shelf life, long-term stability, and extraordinary resistance to high temperatures.

Mild and golden in color, Jojoba is a favorite for many who depend on essential oils every day. It is easily absorbed, making it relaxing to the skin, especially for those who have sensitive or irritated skin conditions. It is said to act as a natural calming agent, and that the composition is similar to that of the skin's natural oil.

Jojoba oil is versatile and stable. It is used to dilute, disperse, and aid the absorption of more potent essential oils across the skin. Use it to protect against triggering sensitivities in your skin, to efficiently spread essential oil across a larger area, and to preserve and carry essential oil aroma for longer-term aromatherapy benefits.

How to Use
  • A carrier like Jojoba Oil is used to dilute essential oil before it is applied to the skin to aid in absorption and more efficiently carry aromatherapy benefits.
  • Use Jojoba Oil to dilute any essential oils for topical use. Add 1 drop of essential oil in a teaspoon (5ml) of carrier oil and mix it well for a 1% dilution.
  • Try Jojoba Oil as a base for your go-to essential oil skin treatment everyday to enjoy light, non-greasy absorption.