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  • Harvest Essential Oil Blend
  • Harvest Essential Oil Blend
  • Harvest Essential Oil Blend
  • Harvest Essential Oil Blend

Harvest Essential Oil Blend

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Create an inviting autumn ambiance in your home with this delicious and balanced combination of bright citrus and nurturing spice to warm your senses and your home. The enticing scent combines the best elements of autumn for exposure to natural aromatherapy benefits, to lend focus for the mind, and to create feelings of protection against seasonal threats.

In this blend we’ve combined tangy Tangerine, a twist of Lemon, satisfying Cinnamon and warm Ginger to create a sweet, earthy and spicy combination that evokes all the focused energy of a bright fall day. Enjoy the freshness of this crisp combination for motivation in the morning, or focus during your workday, and enjoy exposure to the powerful natural constituents these essential oils offer.

This blend is as easy as apple pie to add to your daily routine … add the delicious scent to a diffuser, or get beneficial exposure by breathing directly from the bottle. Enjoy it on cool, dark mornings when you crave natural energy. Create seasonal crafts and customized gifts for family and friends. Add it to your cleaning routine to get your home smelling clean and fresh, and to lend your family protection from seasonal threats.

Essential Oil Blend Ingredients: Tangerine, Cinnamon leaf, Lemon, Ginger