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  • Fresh Home Essential Starter Kit
  • Fresh Home Essential Starter Kit

Fresh Home Essential Starter Kit

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There’s no reason to hesitate for even one more minute -- we’ve made it easier than ever for you to jump into the powerful world of essential oils with this smart and balanced introduction kit of pure essential oil singles and blends … the best natural products for emotional support, better rest, feelings of energy, and immunity support. 

This versatile kit includes foundational aromatherapy solutions for use in the home and on the body. Enjoy the sweet kick of Peppermint to create feelings of energy and to ease feelings of stress in the head and neck. The gentle floral-spice scent of Lavender has aromatherapy power to help you ease into better rest and release deeply held stress. Our balanced blends are crafted with the best essential oils for home and body -- Immune Boost for physical resilience, Pure Air to naturally clean your breathing environment, De-stress for feelings of calm and focus, and Awaken to get your body moving when you need energy the most.

Each of these singles and blends contains simple ingredients -- only best-quality essential oils from purely natural sources. Add these full-strength products to a diffuser for effortless access to healthy aromatherapy on a daily basis … or breathe the scent directly from the bottle for portable benefits. Dilute full-strength oils with a neutral carrier oil to use on the skin, or use in a myriad of home cleaning applications, crafts, or beauty products. There’s never been an easier way to begin a powerful essential oil experience.

Ingredients Precautions

Reference our usage icons and directions, found on our website and on each bottle, for further guidance.

If using this oil topically, please be sure to utilize a carrier oil with proper dilution for your specific situation.

Please contact your health practitioner for more information regarding specific usage instructions.