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  • Frankincense serrata Essential Oil
  • Frankincense serrata Essential Oil
  • Frankincense serrata Essential Oil
  • Frankincense serrata Essential Oil

Frankincense serrata Essential Oil

Boswellia serrata   S-FRASE-15
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Use this essential oil for:

  • Diffuse for more focused study & meditation
  • Use a dilution daily to support the skin
  • Apply to reduce appearance of scars & burns
  • Breathe to support respiratory health & resilience
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More About This Product

  • This, the oldest of the Frankincense oils, is referred to and revered in the text of Bible as a prized and valuable resource.
  • The delicate sweet pine scent was used in ancient times to support emotional balance and physical health.
  • Frankincense Serrata essential oil supports the health of your skin in several ways. Use it to treat oily complexions, maintain a youthful appearance, reduce the appearance of scars, and tone and tighten skin of all ages.
  • Take your meditation or yoga to a deeper level with this venerable and powerful aid. The scent of pure Frankincense Serrata gives focus and concentration, encourages emotional healing, is solace in grief, and balances tension and stress.
  • Contains 100% pure, undiluted, therapeutic-quality essential oil at full strength with no added ingredients.
  • At Real Oil, we source premium natural products from farms and fields around the globe to craft 100% pure, authentic, therapeutic-quality essential oil.
100% Real Authentic GC/MS Tested


Real Oil offers only 100% pure, authentic essential oils, verified by GC/MS testing (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) from an independent laboratory.

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The resin of the Frankincense Serrata has been treasured since ancient times as a rare and valued remedy. Referred to in the Christian Bible, this delicate scent has been prized as a rare gift, used to stabilize emotional turmoil, and balance daily tension and stress. Incorporate this sweet ancient wood-and-citrus scent into your aromatherapy routine to enrich your modern home.

Treat your skin to the refining power of pure Frankincense Serrata essential oil. Maintain youthful looking skin, lessen stretch marks, clarify complexion, and cultivate natural beauty. Add a few drops to your skincare cream and blend well. Apply daily to face, neck, shoulders, hands, and other problem areas for nourishing benefits.

Use Frankincense Serrata essential oil in your diffuser to stay on top of the fantastic chaos of parenthood. Just a few drops can fill your house with calm and centering aromatherapy benefits. Help your family maintain a mood of cheer and cooperation during busy days at home. Center your own emotions and manage your stress levels while supporting the needs of the whole house.

  • Add a few drops to a diffuser with another naturally grounding oil (Vetiver, Roman Chamomile) to benefit thoughtful study and meditation.
  • Add a drop or two to your daily skincare cream to support health and appearance of skin.
  • Keep in your bathroom cabinet to apply to kids' scars, cuts, and bruises and reduce the long-term appearance on young skin.
Blends well with: Lavender essential oil, Black Cumin essential oil, Lemon essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil, Sandalwood essential oil, Ylang Ylang essential oil
Aroma: Balsamic, Spicy, Warm, Woodsy,
Aroma Strength: Medium
Aroma Note: Base
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Country of Origin: India
Other Common Names: Olibanum, Olibanum Tree Oil, Shallaki, Olibanum Indicum
Brilliant Skin essential oil blend
Youthful Skin essential oil blend
Re-Align essential oil blend
Muscle Soothe essential oil blend
Attention essential oil blend
Kids Breathe essential oil blend
Kids Immune essential oil blend

Reference our usage icons and directions, found on our website and on each bottle, for further guidance.

If using this oil topically, please be sure to utilize a carrier oil with proper dilution for your specific situation.

Please contact your health practitioner for more information regarding specific usage instructions.