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  • For Mom Gift Kit

For Mom Gift Kit

$55.38  $110.75
  • Put your oils to work with a Thera-Pure diffuser
  • Diffuse Pure Air to sweeten your space
  • Breathe Zen to calm & ground emotions
  • Two Kids RTA blends for a healthier family
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Support the moms in your life with this powerful collection of our best essential oils for the home and family. They’ll be able to freshen any stinky space with Pure Air essential oil blend -- a natural odor eraser that won’t spew manufactured chemicals into the air she breathes. Create a retreat of stability and peace in the chaos of the day with grounding Zen essential oil blend. Use Kids Immune Power and Kids Breathe Free Ready-to-Apply blends to support a healthy defense against seasonal threats. And finally, put your full-strength essential oils to work with the elegant Thera-Pure Pro diffuser. Help Mom to make her home -- and yours -- a happier, healthier, and more comfortable place to be.