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  • Floral Kit

Floral Kit

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  • Diffuse to diminish feelings of tension & stress.
  • Diffuse for better rest.
  • Use to boost skin health & resilience.
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Find in our Floral Kit a great, synergistic balance between Geranium, Lavender, and Ylang Ylang essential oil blends. Release and channel sensitive energy, as well as improving the mood, with the powerfully sweet Ylang Ylang. Use it in your favorite essential oil blend recipe or by itself to add a sweet and gentle undertone.

For a versatile oil for the body, soul, and mind try Geranium. Use it to promote healthy and strong hair, purify skin as it supports a clear complexion. Clarify the appearance of blemishes, and add balance to all skin types.

Lavender’s sweet and warm aroma supports many aspects of wellbeing. Adding a few drops in a diffuser will fill your home with a gentle scent to calm and soothe overtaxed bodies and minds. Try using it as an ointment to support skin health and ease minor topical discomfort.


Reference our usage icons and directions, found on our website and on each bottle, for further guidance.

If using this oil topically, please be sure to utilize a carrier oil with proper dilution for your specific situation.

Please contact your health practitioner for more information regarding specific usage instructions.

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