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  • Essential Oil Bottle Opener
  • Essential Oil Bottle Opener
  • Essential Oil Bottle Opener
  • Essential Oil Bottle Opener

Essential Oil Bottle Opener

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  • Quickly and easily remove tops off a wide variety of sized bottles
  • Available in multiple color options
  • Use to safely and conveniently replace tops after filling
  • No more mess, frustration or mistakes
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More About This Product

  • Make your life a little easier with this convenient tool to remove and replace rollerball caps off 1ml through 30ml sized bottles.
  • No more prying, slipping or cursing when you create your own essential oil blends and need to fill a bottle.
  • Avoid slops, spills, messes, jagged nails and sore finger from prying off slippery rollerballs when creating your own blends.
  • This flexible and easy to use tool will become your new best friend on blending day.

Introducing a new and essential tool for anyone who creates their own essential oil blend. Use it to make blending and filling bottles a snap. This tool takes the annoyance out of lifting caps off and replacing them onto rollerball bottles. Simply slide the beveled edge under the lip of the plastic cap. Gently push down to release the cap without fuss or mess.

To easily replace the cap, insert the plastic cap into the appropriate round opening on the tool and gently press down. This remarkable tool works with a wide variety of dispensers caps, including: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, and 30ml. Don’t tear another fingernail trying to pry a stubborn rollerball lid off of your blend bottle. Get this tool for an easier, faster, and better way to create, fill, and store your own essential oil blends.

  • Slip beveled U-shaped edge under lip of plastic rollerball cap.
  • Gently push down to release cap from mouth of bottle.
  • To replace a cap, use circle-shaped cutout appropriate to the size of your bottle.
  • Gently push down until cap is firmly in place.