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  • Empty 15ml Bottle (3 pack with orifice reducers)

Empty 15ml Bottle (3 pack with orifice reducers)

  • Create your own unique essential oil blends at home
  • Control the strength & potency of your favorite products
  • Customize with a carrier oil that works best for you
  • Personalize your essential oils & give as gifts
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Get premium tools and high-quality resources you need to truly customize your essential oil collection and create products that meet your individual needs. This collection of empty 15ml amber glass bottles will let you create favorite blends and customized mixes with unique aromatherapy combination using your own essential oils and carrier oils.

Create a blend for any circumstance … from teen angst to foot zoning … using the essential oils and carrier oils that work best for your circumstances. Our high-quality glass bottles allow you to properly combine, store, and dispense your blends, while the amber glass protects your products from UV light that can deteriorate and damage the oils. The drip-cap reducer allows you to dispense your blend in a controlled fashion for topical use or diffusion.

Embrace the flexibility that essential oils give you to enhance your health and meet the needs of everyone in your family. Begin creating and sharing essential oil blends using our premium products.

How to Use
  • Create a topical blend using 10 drops of your favorite essential oils and topping it off with your favorite carrier oil. Make a full-strength blend for diffusion using a ratio of 60% top note, 40% middle note, and 20% base (as a start – decide what works best for you).
  • Create a “starter” blend with some of your favorite oils, and then further customize it on the go as needs arise.
  • Share your delicious and effective combinations with your friends. Create blends for topical application, hope application, or diffusion, and give as gifts.
  • 15ml capacity
  • Three high-quality glass bottles per pack