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  • Congestion Relief Kit

Congestion Relief Kit

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  • Naturally ease breathing

  • Tailor a blend to fit your needs

  • Combine the best quality oils

  • Diffuse or use for topical aromatherapy

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More About This Product

  • Naturally protect yourself and your home from whatever is going around.

  • Create and customize all-natural support for respiratory health.

  • You control the combination and strength of each natural ingredient with this powerful kit.

  • A collection of our best essential oils for feelings of easy breathing.

100% Real Authentic GC/MS Tested


Real Oil offers only 100% pure, authentic essential oils, verified by GC/MS testing (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) from an independent laboratory.

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Use this kit to create your own unique and powerful blends to effectively ease feelings of congestion. This collection of our best essential oils for respiratory health gives your the resources to create support that is unique to your needs. The deeply refreshing scent of pure Eucalyptus essential oil gives feelings of relief for adults with colds and stuffy noses. Tea Tree essential oil has long been been touted for its natural power and intrinsic grit to fight against airborne threats and surface grime. Breathe the calming herbal scent of pure Rosemary or Thyme essential oil to fill your home with a grounding and supportive ambiance. The potent scent of pure Peppermint essential oil can support healthy breathing, as well as refresh your mind when you feel sluggish or under-the-weather. Find natural energy and strength with personalized aromatherapy.

Get feelings of physical and psychological relief with the significant benefits of these naturally effective products. The potent properties of these superior essential oils give you the resources and power to boost respiratory health on your terms. Their versatility and efficiency make it a staple for your naturopathic family toolkit.