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Wholesale Opportunities
for Massage Therapists
Managed by Real Oil
Enhance Your Practice By:
  • Catering each massage to meet the needs of clients using aromatherapy
  • Diffusing in-session to build a welcoming, calming environment
  • Creating simple, customized take-home blends for clients to purchase after sessions
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Program Benefits:
  • Competitive Pricing Structure – Save Up to 70% MSRP
  • Low Order Minimums
  • 50% discount with purchase of any single oil
  • 60% discount with purchase of 2-5 of same oil
  • 70% discount with purchase of 6+ of same oil
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Work Directly with Essential Oil Experts
  • Full Line of Essential Oils, Creams, & Lotions
What our clients say
"The Real Oil team managed every step of the manufacturing process to get my essential oils blended, bottled, labeled and ready to ship. I consider them my personal team of product experts, which lets me stay focused on my practice and deeper healing of my clients."
Robert W, Revival Massage
We Offer Variety & Flexibility
Working within the Wholesale & Custom Branding Program provides a variety of benefits, each designed to make it easy for you fill custom essential oil orders. Our team of professionals have a wide range of experience filling all types and sizes of custom orders and will walk you through every step of the way.
We Use the Highest Quality Essential Oils
We Use the Highest Quality Essential Oils
We only source oils that have passed stringent quality standards, including GC-MS testing and anti-microbial testing.
Our experts are well-versed in essential oils and currently supply hundreds of thousands of bottles per month worldwide.
We offer low order minimums, competitive discounts and custom branding options.
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Thank you for your interest in partnering with us to provide 100% pure and natural solutions to your customers! We pride ourselves in being flexible and strive to build partnerships with all who are interested, small, and large businesses alike.

We pride ourselves in being flexible and strive to build partnerships with small and large businesses alike.