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Using Essential Oils Around the House


When you see the Home Icon next to a Real Oil product, you know this product can be helpful and effective for home maintenance, projects, and for keeping your space naturally pure and green-clean. Real Oil Home products give you control over what kinds of things are in the air and on the surfaces where you and your family spend your time. From purifying the air you breath to getting grime off the toilet seat, these helpful products can rid your life of harmful and toxic manufactured chemicals.

Using Home Products

There are hundreds of ways essential oils can help you create a chemical-free home. To get your brain-juices flowing, here are a few ideas:

You can make a surface cleaner, a kitchen scrub, furniture spray, pest deterrent, or grime cutter. You may want to use essential oils to freshen laundry, deodorize trashcans, scrub grout, freshen carpets, preserve linens, or fix that weird smell in your fridge. You can use them to disinfect sour sponges, make stinky shoes smell better, neutralize pet odor, wash fruit, scent your bath towels, clean lockers, make soap, make candles, make bath salts, store clothing, deodorize upholstery and make a personalized car freshener … just to name a few.

Some Things to Know

Essential oils are potent products. Use caution when using them around people … even with home applications. Also, before using a new product, spot-check it on an inconspicuous place on any surface you are treating to make sure there won’t be any adverse effects.

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