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Our Founder's Story

Your story might be a little like mine....

I began using essential oils a few years ago to support my body through a serious health scare. From the beginning I struggled with the high prices charged by MLMs and typical online retailers. I soon became convinced that there must be a better way -- so I started Real Oil to make sure that 100% pure essential oils could be accessible to everyone.

The way I see it, it’s simple ... people can either pay exorbitant prices for essential oils, lining the pockets of guys in suits, or they can get the exact same – or better – quality products from Real Oil for more than half off the price of our competitors.

Since essential oils became so critical in my life, I've made it my mission to make 100% pure, therapeutic-quality oils accessible to you and your family at a reasonable and fair price.

—Ryan Dean Hoggan | Company Founder

I’d love to hear more about your essential oil journey. Reach out to me personally and we can compare notes. I’d love to offer assistance where I can.

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I wish you much success on your health journey with essential oils!

Ryan Dean Hoggan

Founder at Real Oil

P.S. Here is my skin care blend I’ve been using twice daily since I discovered essential oils. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

40 drops Myrrh
24 drops Sandalwood
One 4 oz bottle of Grapeseed Oil

Combine essential oils and grapeseed oil in a tightly-sealed glass container (I use a large glass container with a hand pump for easy access to the oils).

Apply mixture to body and massage into skin as needed.