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At Real Oil, we believe that the experience of buying essential oils should be as satisfying, relaxing, and stress-free as the experience of using essential oils. To create this kind of online Zen, we’ve developed a different sort of customer relationship -- one where you can feel confident and calm about your choices both before and after your purchase.

We give you power to embrace your natural lifestyle, and flexibility to apply it to your unique circumstances. We’ve created a top-of-the-line website that makes browsing and shopping ridiculously easy, and have developed a customer-support system to painlessly manage post-purchase follow-up.

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A 30-day, no-questions asked money-back guarantee on all products

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We realize that our customers are, you know, real people. Everyone has different needs, preferences, and tastes. We’ve crafted our products to deliver exceptional natural benefits through enticing aromatherapy – but if you find that you don’t love your product like a flower loves the sunshine, we’ll refund your money and help you to find a better fit among our products. If you ever have a question, request, or recommendation, we want to know. Contact us if you’d like to chat.

With these exceptional benefits, and access to our premium natural products, we think your time at Real Oil will feel almost as Zen as those last five minutes of yoga class -- minus the muscle twitches and dried sweat. Welcome home to Real Oil!

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Excellent Silver Immune

Sure worth the money. I always keep 10pmm silver in the house as it works instantly, especially on sore throats.

Lavender dream

About my order ,I was disappointed when it came in because it leaked all everywhere, you see it takes 3 weeks to get to my house cause I live in my order was sent in a envelopes with bubbles wrap, where probably gets tossed around from place to place ,i received it with some half filled bottles. Not happy and very disappointed that the packaging of choice,

I love all of my oils that I get from you guys..
I’m very pleased with my clove oil

Can't find words to describe how heavenly this is...

... so when my first bottle arrived I immediately ordered 2 more.