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Essential Oil Quality

Why Is Essential Oil Quality So Important To Us?

At Real Oil, we take the quality of our products very seriously. Our customers expect the highest standards in purity, strength, and quality for their essential oil products, and they want consistent and powerful results from every batch. We’ve embraced those high standards and even taken them a step further. (Yep, we’re kind of over-achievers that way).

Our quality process is the industry’s best. You can feel confident that every single and blend we offer -- from Awaken to Zen -- will exceed your expectations for quality, strength, and purity.


We’ve developed a rigorous process to ensure that only the best essential oils receive a Real Oil label. It begins at the source. Real Oil obtains essential oils from farms and fields around the globe. We’ve built relationships with producers across continents to obtain premium-quality products that are grown, harvested, and distilled under ideal conditions in their native environments. These o ils are 100% pure, 100% natural, unadulterated, undiluted, and therapeutic-quality, with no added chemicals or fillers.

Testing The Sample

But before we seal any deal with suppliers, we sample the bulk product to be sure it is up to snuff. Samples go through a staged testing process that includes extensive GC/MS, microbial, and organoleptic testing. This proves to us that the product is exactly what the supplier says it is, that it hasn’t been diluted or corrupted, and that it meets our strict quality standards. If the sample passes our own high bar, we purchase the product in quantity ... and then GC/MS test it again.

Again, you heard that right. You might call this sort of approach “uptight.” We call it precision accuracy (and sure, kind of uptight too). This authentication process ensures that the bulk product matches the tested sample to meet our standards. Once we confirm a match, we begin blending and bottling.


Bottling happens at a world-class facility in the United States, following stringent quality standards. Our singles are carefully measured, sealed, labeled, and documented. Our blends are expertly crafted and consistently combined to create predictable, powerful and effective products.

Earning a Real Oil Quality Seal

Once each step has been executed to our complete satisfaction, a bottle can finally receive the Real Oil label. We admit, with our A-type approach to all things essential oil, we might not be all that fun to hang out with at parties. But there is a silver lining -- you can feel absolutely confident that when you buy a Real Oil product, you are simply getting the best quality essential oils.

And you, as a customer, can engage in this process. Check out the GC/MS test for your essential oil right on each product page. We want you to feel empowered to purchase a product with confidence, so we also make sure that you also know the botanic origin of the plant, the part of the plant used to produce the oil, the country of origin, and the method of oil production. Our website is chock full of information about our products, but if you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.

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Excellent Silver Immune

Sure worth the money. I always keep 10pmm silver in the house as it works instantly, especially on sore throats.

Lavender dream

About my order ,I was disappointed when it came in because it leaked all everywhere, you see it takes 3 weeks to get to my house cause I live in my order was sent in a envelopes with bubbles wrap, where probably gets tossed around from place to place ,i received it with some half filled bottles. Not happy and very disappointed that the packaging of choice,

I love all of my oils that I get from you guys..
I’m very pleased with my clove oil

Can't find words to describe how heavenly this is...

... so when my first bottle arrived I immediately ordered 2 more.