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Essential Oils That Are Safe for Kids


When you see the Great4Kids Icon next to a Real Oil product, you know that it can be used on and around children ages 2-12 when properly diluted. It is important to know that certain essential oils are inappropriate for the pint-size among us, and should be avoided. With this icon we’ve made it easier for you to determine which oils and blends work for kids and which don’t -- but these products are great for adults too!

How to Use Oil Around Kids

You can diffuse full-strength oils around kids, or you can apply essential oils on kids’ skin when properly diluted. Diffusing is an effective and convenient method to get your kids exposure to the beneficial constituents in essential oils -- no need to worry about dilution strength or skin sensitivity. But, if your family is on-the-go, or if you have kids with sensitive respiratory issues, topical use is another great option. We recommend that you start with a 1% dilution for children ages 2 to 10. You can certainly try a lower dilution and change it as you get more experience and know how your kids will react. You can also go a little bit stronger, but never go higher than a 2% dilution.

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Our Ready-to-Apply Real Kids line comes pre-diluted in pure fractionated (liquid) coconut oil at 2% strength. These bottles have a convenient roll-on top that make topical application a breeze. After you’ve tried them out and observed the results, you can even let older kids take them to school, during travel, or keep them handy at home. But children should never have access to bottles of full strength oils. They are both potent and extremely dangerous when ingested. Some oils are poisonous when taken internally. Keep your full-strength collection in a safe place away from curious little fingers.

Not all kids will react the same way to exposure to essential oils. When using oils on kids, start small and observe them carefully to be sure there are no adverse reactions. Don’t leave a diffuser running without supervision (such as in their bedrooms overnight). Always do your own research and consult with your health care advisor about what essential oils will be most safe and effective for your family.