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Using Essential Oils can be as Easy as Breathing


When you see the Diffuse Icon next to a Real Oil product, that means it can be used conveniently and effectively through a diffuser. Misting essential oils with a diffuser is a safe and simple aromatherapy method that benefits more than just you. When misting, the sweet scents and beneficial constituents become easily available to everyone in your space, creating a community experience.

Diffusing is easy -- no carrier oil or dilution required. It is a great way for people new to essential oils to dive into the experience. It allows you to keep aromatherapy benefits in the air for hours at a time, and to easily switch between products. Since essential oils enter your bloodstream faster with diffusion than with topical use, you may also get quicker results. Diffusion works to deodorize the air and create a welcoming ambiance in your home or work environment.

Using a Diffuser

For an easy, efficient, and powerful way to distribute essential oils through the air, use a diffuser. Different types of diffusers use either water, heat, or evaporation to put essential oils into the environment. Ultrasonic diffusers are the type that use water and high-level vibrations to create an aromatherapy ambiance. To use these, all you’ll need is a diffuser, one or more essential oils, and tap water.

Fill your diffuser partway with room-temperature tap water. For 100 ml of water (about ½ cup), add 3 to 10 drops of essential oil. Use a single oil for a targeted punch, or blend several oils together to get synergistic benefits. Then simply turn on your diffuser. Beneficial aromas will fill your room for as long as you need them. As you get more experienced, you can adjust the amount and types of oils you use. For instance, if you are diffusing overnight you may want to use less oil. If you need a morning wake-up, you may want to add an extra drop or two.

Check the manual that came with your diffuser for maintenance and care. Most diffusers have an automatic shutoff when water gets too low. Wipe out any residue with a soft cloth. Don’t overfill your diffuser (you’ll actually get more mist if you only fill it halfway. Make sure your water is room temperature (not cold). When switching between products, rinse the reservoir and wipe it clean before adding a new type of essential oil. Don’t use carrier oils or pre-diluted products in a diffuser.

Some Things to Know

Diffusing is a great way to use essential oils on children when you don’t want to mess with creating a dilution. You can use many essential oils for children two and older, though kids’ sensitivities requires a lower concentration than adults. When diffusing oils near kids, start small and observe them carefully to be sure there are no adverse reactions. Don’t leave the diffuser running unsupervised (such as in their bedroom overnight). Don’t use oils with children younger than two years old. Also, do your homework, as some essential oils are not safe for use on any children.

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