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Refine his life with robust and naturally bold scents blended specifically for him.

Stay ahead of the curve with essential oils especially for men.

Calm, treat, and elevate the man in your life with natural essential oil tools designed especially for him. Replace irritating chemical soaps, lotions and deodorants with the potent boost of essential oil blends and singles. Tame bristle, tickle, itch and scruff with an effective mix of botanicals. Avoid chemical perfumes and synthetic machismo – rely instead on the earthy and warm strength of pure essential oils.

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Even better then cream.

I was so concerned the balm wouldn't be as good as the cream but it is equal to it in stopping the pain. What makes it even bette is that you don't get it on your hands. Great job Real Oil. My compliments!!!!!!

Great scent!

Love the breath free really helps on bad sinus days!

Great output!

Love it! Just wish it was easier to clean the water and oil compartment. There's only a small opening to put the water and oil so you can't get in there and wipe it down when the oil or hard water build up. Cute though and great output!


My dog is getting a little stiff as he ages.
These hews have helped him move nre freely.
As an added bonus, he willingly eats them.

Such a pleasant calming touch to meditation, study, work - everything really

I love this with everything!